About Helping Project Managers Become More Effective

This website is for project managers, like myself, who are looking to find better ways of working.

By creating this website the main thing that I wanted to achieve is to help newbie project managers become expert project managers.

There are a lot of books and courses available which only deal with the theory of project management. However, there is very little help available to support new or inexperienced project managers in taking that knowledge and putting it into practice in a real life project. They are often left on their own to sink or swim.

This realization (which came after coaching a number of project managers through their first projects) has lead me to do three things:

  1. Write a book on project management. My book aims to help guide project managers through the project management process. If you are interested, then the book is called “Stripped Down Project Management” and it is available from Amazon here
  2. Provide this website. This website is meant to be a place where project managers can ask questions and get constructive feedback either from me or from other project managers
  3. Provide a coaching service for project managers who would like to have someone independent of their company supporting them regularly to successfully deliver their project

About me:John Payne

Like many others, I gathered several years of  experience before I did any formal project management training. My formal training was PMI based and I have held a PMP for the past five years. I mainly work on IT projects, but I have also run projects in construction, marketing, and cost optimization.

I really enjoy helping to fix projects which have gone wrong as well as coaching and training project managers. I get a real kick out of seeing the people that I work with improve and grow over time. I have found that I have a learnt even more by helping others and I would like to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested.

My private interests are: the kids, dancing, climbing, and sailing.

Please contact me at: info@Effective-Project-Management.com

I look forward to hearing from you.




P.S. I know a lot about project management, but  I am just a newbie at blogging. So please bear with me while I learn the ropes.