Your coach: John Payne
John Payne, PMI. Author of Stripped Down Project Management

Effective Project Management Coaching Service

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of improvingĀ  project management skills in a short space of time.

I offer coaching on two main topics:

  • Recovering from a bad project
    • Your project hasĀ  a major issue and you would like to have advice on how to solve the issue
    • Coaching would support the project manager by analysing what the core issues are, creating an plan (back-to-green plan) to recover the project, and help the project team to stay on track as the plan goes into effect
  • Mentoring new project managers
    • Absorbing the theory of project management is not difficult. However, putting that knowledge into practice can often be quite a different story
    • Coaching supports new or inexperienced project managers in guiding them through a project in the field. They get the chance to talk about any issues and receive advice on how to solve them. Support is also provided when the PM is preparing project documents, decision papers, etc.

The coaching sessions are delivered during one or more 30 minute telephone conferences a week. A shared desktop tool is used to review reports, documents, and other information.

Most of my experience is with IT projects. However, I have also run projects successfully in a few other sectors (construction, franchising, marketing, process optimization, cost optimization, etc.)

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